We are like you – we’ve renovated a few homes, and we’ve built a few homes from the ground up. So we know what you’re looking for:

  • Quality products
  • Professional help to find the perfect solution or a unique design look
  • Experienced craftsman
  • Expert installation
  • Quick quotes
  • Quick replies to your phone calls.

When we say we provide custom shower doors, this is what we mean.

We’ve done lots of in-home consults. In person, we will show you what product options there are, discuss price points, and look at the particulars of process and scheduling. We offer solutions to all kinds of needs – taller doors, wider doors, and custom fits for those with special mobility or disability concerns. (You should know that because our process and product are so customized, on-line quoting or purchasing isn’t offered.)

Remember – we can design a shower door to fit any opening.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself-er, or have a general contractor you’d like us to work with, we are happy to provide professional advice and service to help get the job done. If you’re curious to see samples and products lines that we carry, please visit this link to our supplier’s catalogue at www.agalite.com.

Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Tranquility. Escape. Are you looking to create that show-stopping ensuite? Are you ready to enjoy a spa experience in your home?

GT Shower Doors can help you create The First Door to Your Day.

GT Shower Doors is also an expert in all things mirror.

Let us provide you with a custom size mirror to fit your space perfectly. Whether for your home or business (we have done dance studios, gyms, salons, etc!) we can help you with any project. Our recent purchase of a Vertical Glass Edging Machine makes us unique in that we offer a machined edge on every mirror at no extra charge.  We offer different ways to mount the mirrors and have options for the metal frames in different styles and colours, or you can provide a wood frame and we will customize the mirror to fit! Call us for a free quote!

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